Panama West, 61 cm. - Ringed Seal (Ringsæl) - Women - Nature / Sæl Skinds Pels - Levinsky - Kvinde

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Exclusive seal skin coat. Harvested by Inuits from the great country of Greenland. production of our luxurious collection, which we design in cooperation with our personal designers. All our fur apparel is still crafted by hand by our skilled furriers who have all the knowledge to make a long lasting apparel. We advocate animal. Animal welfare means making sure they are always well cared for. Animals must receive ample food, water, sunlight, and display appropriate behaviour. How to Maintain: You'll find our maintenance guide and our best advice under the menu "How to maintain your fur" If you don't find the right answer to your question, please don't hesitate to contact us. You'll find our contact information on our front page, under the menu "Kontakt".