Fur storage

Send your fur on vacation and extend its lifespan.

During the warm months of the year when you do not use your fur, it benefits from a holiday.
When you send your fur for storage, it is stored in cold stores where the temperature and humidity are adjusted so that the fur has the best conditions.

Why send your fur for storage:

  • When your fur is stored in the right conditions, you avoid the skin from drying out as a result of dehydration.
  • You avoid moths and other clothing.
  • When stored, your coat hangs freely and ventilated so that it does not curl and the coat stays beautiful and glossy.
  • You avoid sun damage.
  • You extend the life of the coat.

 Handing in for storage can be done in our store in Copenhagen or Aarhus, within the store's opening hours.
(Find us here: https://stampedenmark.com/pages/contact-us)
Please empty all pockets on the fur, as well as review it for damage and moths before submission.
If there is damage to your coat please inform the staff at the time of submission.
If there is damage to your coat that you want repaired, our workshop can help you with this, for further information please contact the staff of your local Stampe store.
If you suspect that your fur is infested with moths, the fur MUST be stored in a tightly sealed plastic bag upon submission. Please inform the staff by email. phone before submitting.

Standard fur storage:

  • The fur is buttoned and the collar is set.
  • The fur is then stored in a cool / aircold ventilation system.

Luxury fur storage:

  • The fur is scarce and the collars are set.
  • High-pressure aeration. Removes loose hair and dust.
  • The fur is then stored in a cool / aircold ventilation system.
  • Beautiful storage space. The coat is hung so that it is not exposed to perfumes or other odors from the neighboring opening.

Drum cleaning:

  • Restores the fur's natural balance and shine.
  • Degrease and remove loose hair.
  • Treated in case of moth attack

Standard fur storage 450DKK.
Luxury fur storage 750DKK.
Drum cleaning  500DKK.